Keywords – Outside-in View – What People are searching for?

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Keywords define the ideas and topics about your content and your product. The user can find the content on the website through the search engine using the SEO keywords. The content has to be relevant to rank well and drive visitors to your site. The keywords can be phrases or the long-tail keywords which is a combination of several broad terms and have more impact in terms of users reach out.

With a huge amount of content created every nanosecond, the correct implementation of the keywords is very important to be relevant else the content goes unnoticed. The keywords stuffing no more yield relevant results as the search engines are optimized for the context-driven keywords to get to the right content at the right time. It’s important to understand what the audience seeks in terms of content.

The key to successful marketing campaigns is to create quality content with relevant keywords to generate traffic and reach the right audience.

Why are keywords important for the content?
Today content is the king and keywords acts like a booster to find that content. The keywords are important to connect with the audience to the content they have been looking for. The keyword-focused content improves organic search performance and drives more visitors and capture qualified leads.

Keywords have become an important part of running a successful marketing campaign and acquire new customers. The keywords can be used to organize the content on different pages of your website and formulate a strategy. The content creation has to work both ways i.e. keywords to content or content to keywords.

MarXeed to formulate content
MarXeed is an AI tool that takes the outside-in view to create keywords and content for marketers. Right keywords help to generate traffic and convert the audience into potential customers through further interactions and conversations. MarXeed gives you the most relevant and trending keywords to create purpose-driven content.

Benefits of using MarXeed:

Create Relevant Content – Creating compelling content is about providing real value for real people. MarXeed lets you identify the primary keyword for each article and build the list to create an impactful message to be sent to the audience. MarXeed creates the content cluster, the long-tail keywords, most relevant & searched keywords and phrases.
AI recommended Content Titles – The AI automated platform generates the title and the body of your content to offer more CTR and avoid vague titles. It recommends the content title with relevant keyword to help the team get started. It provides AI recommended subject lines, sample emails, sample blogs to build powerful content to maximize the outreach of your content.
Achieve higher ranking – MarXeed fetches the relevant and most searched SEO keywords to get the higher ranking for your content. MarXeed lets you create the unique keywords which your audience has been searching for by crawling through the millions of keywords scattered online. The keywords allow you to target the industry, personas through product pages and articles by drilling down into the specific needs of the audience.

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