marXeed Features

Creating engaging content that generates revenue



The full content recommendation features we are providing are carefully designed to meet your marketing needs.



Get all top-ranking keywords as per your target audience and locations. The intelligent engine filters the top 10 keywords for you.

Recommended Content Cluster

marXeed provides you with an intelligent content cluster as per your keywords and the locations of the target audience.

Trending Blogs

marXeed offers 30 different blog titles that are proven in the market and allows you to choose three or four blogs.

Promotion Recommendations

Start your off-page activities including social bookmarking, hashtags, and Q&A sites, including Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, etc.

Outbound Campaign Recommendations

Transform your outbound campaigns with AI-generated subject lines and ready-to-use email templates.

Accounts to Target

marXeed’s AI-based marketing engine gives you the flexibility of the best account-based marketing strategy.


Find out everything you need to know about creating an engaging content plan.

marXeed is an intelligent marketing content data recommendation engine. It helps you with content marketing driven by the power of AI to create meaningful content to attract, engage, and delight your customers. Right from assisting you to find the best keywords to off-page promotion and email marketing, marXeed is the holy grail for all your content marketing needs.


Let’s transform your content marketing strategy with the power of AI to create more engaging content.

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