Brand Your IT Services with the Power of Social Media during COVID-19

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Here is something all of you need to know! Marketing is ever-growing and it will not change post-pandemic. Giving customers the best products or services at the best price remains as the best practice. This is where social media plays a game-changing role in product/service promotion.

Today, people are locked in their houses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The social media channels have become immediate sources of information. The scope of these channels is increasing unbelievably. According to a report, the average spent time of users on Facebook has increased from 41.4 minutes to 66.9 minutes due to lockdown. Instagram increased by 62% while Twitter and LinkedIn rose by 27% and 34%, respectively.

While unleashing the power of social media during a crisis, put your audience always first to understand what they want to hear from your brand

Top Effective IT Service Branding Ideas

Let’s discuss some effective branding ideas for your IT service:

Here are the top ten content marketing strategies your business should adopt today:

Support your Community Emotionally

Emotion is a strong element to connect with your audience. As a marketer, you can communicate with your audience about the crisis being supportive of the frontline warriors while sticking to your brand values. People need emotional support and as a marketer, you should take this as an opportunity. Moreover, you can post how you are allowing your employees remote and safe working to serve your customers. You can also post your initiatives for community welfare.

Keep it Real

Now people are sitting at home. They can’t relate themselves to a hyper-realistic setting. You can create real and unpolished content to market your brand. With such content, your audience can relate to your brand more closely.

Be Interactive

Everyone is craving for connection now with social distancing. So be the provider. Create your social media campaigns with a gaming element, rewards, dashboard, and a competition. Challenge your audience and inspire them to participate in your brand building. One such example is how Forrester Research winning 3,000 Facebook fans and 37,000 Twitter Followers with interactive campaigns on social media.

Find Your Audience’s Favorite Social Media Channel

The social media channels are many! However, there is an intense rise in using video chatting app like Twitch, Zoom, Instagram Live, TikTok, and Facebook Messanger during the lock-down. Analyze your Google analytics and find the most used social media channel by your audience. Create your brand campaigns accordingly and win the game. For example, B2B companies are using LinkedIn widely for promoting their products are services now. Tech giant IBM is launching the #Think2020 campaign on LinkedIn to guide businesses to build business resilience, the right infrastructure, new business trends, and workplace strategy for post-pandemic.

Leverage AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the potential sweet spots now. People are getting nostalgic with throwback pictures. Technologies like AR and VR bring the beautiful outside world inside and give a real-world taste. It gifts the next level of interactivity. Instead of making plain campaigns, you can collaborate with these technologies to give a better interaction to your audience. As a business owner, you can use branded filters to promote your products and services on social media.

Understanding Behavioral Shift

The power of social media is immense. And the audience’s behavior changes. As a marketer, you are responsible for understanding the shift in behavior. Users are kings on social media channels. Hence, it is important to study and understand their changing behavior pattern. This crisis time calls for smart and intelligent social media campaigns and content. So, be a part of an intelligent team!

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