Accounts to Target – Reliable Data to turn the target accounts into customers

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Target accounts are companies that you want to turn into loyal customers. Marketers invests in resources while executing account-based marketing (ABM). They try to target the accounts that have the highest revenue potential for the business and try to build a long-term relationship with the potential as well as the existing customers.

You need ABM mainly to –

  1. Drive digital marketing campaigns – To create emails, blogs, and other content to attract the audience to your website and the brand. The relevant and compelling content generate traffic by grabbing the attention of the interested target accounts.
  2. Capture the leads – By targeting the right persona and creating a segmentation list of a target account enables marketers to capture the right lead who might have a genuine interest in your product.
  3. Turn prospects into loyal customers – Build customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value by account-level personalization.


MarXeed – Real-time discovery of Accounts interested in your offering or campaign keyword

Data is the secret sauce to a successful ABM. If the data you have access to is unreliable and inaccurate, you will lack the insights needed to make your ABM strategy a success. Therefore, access to high-quality reliable data is crucial to create a holistic ABM strategy. MarXeed provides you data to achieve the goals by providing relevant and accurate data to target your accounts.

  • Prospect and customer data allows you to tailor the ABM Strategy – An account-based marketing strategy is dependent on how effectively you choose your target accounts. MarXeed provides the relevant accounts data. Based on that data, and your sweet-spot customer profile definition, you can do the account selection. This would help tailor your ABM strategy at speed.
  • Data enables segmentation and personalization – MarXeed defines the right target audience by identifying the right persona who can be a potential buyer. It enables the segmentation of your target audience based on industry, role, age group and why they need your services. The personalized content creation has a powerful impact when trying to target a different persona.
  • Data enables content differentiation – MarXeed helps to create the differentiated content to target the accounts in a meaningful manner. It provides content long-keywords and cluster to show the right direction to the team to get started and create an ABM strategy.
  • Competitive Advantage – Leveraging the data you already have at your fingertips to find prospects, opportunities, and even current customers that offer the best revenue potential. MarXeed, using AI engine, recommends the target accounts which are actively seeking information about your product and looking to purchase it. It allows you to find the competitors’ customers and customers’ competitors.


ABM is a powerful combination of people, process and technology that, deployed intelligently, will out-perform every other demand generation initiative in your company.

With the help of MarXeed, get the list of recommended accounts to target. Filter them through your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) parameters and characteristics. And then follow the 6-Step process above to get the attention of the right audience and convert them into your customers.

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